Welcome to my blog! Here you’ll find everything I’ve written that I was brave enough to publish on this website.
There’s also the category pages if you’re looking to read something specific.
Happy reading!

Latest Posts

  • Reasons not to love me
    My identity of a poet ought to be your first blaring red flag because we as a kin come with plentiful unrest, disorder and bother. The knots in my hair won’t let your […]
  • Our love was a game of Jenga
    Board games had always taken your fancy and that spark in your eyes when you played took mine.It’s funny how obsessed you were with the possibility of the number 9 being a bad […]
  • What my locket reads
    There’s hope for humanity because of the kindness in your heart and there’s kindness in your heart because you have hope for humanity. – yuva Prompt: Imagine you wore a locket around your […]
  • A map back to me
    This is all I could tell you, You were born and raised in a family that is as broken as knit the community you were in is and you have always been loved […]
  • When is a monster not a monster?
    Every moment is a memory of a previous one. When a monster is not a monster. Just a young skipper gliding through reality wearing dreams on the loose ends of the superman jumper. […]
  • Advertising Campaigns by Nike
    This is a research paper I wrote about Advertising Campaigns by Nike. When Wieden and Kennedy were approached by Phil for Nike, they were fresh in this industry and had fairly no idea […]
  • Honey Oat Milk & Shrubbery Cookies
    Plush peach kisses & lilac skies fancy almost every mind, why wouldn’t they? They’re so pretty. A Melancholy pretty and who doesn’t in some way resonate with that? On the 25th of November […]
  • Worth It?
    Hey there! This is the first story I wrote dates almost 6 years back, for the Jio Mami Film Festival. Be mindful and considerate, just wanted to share it on my blog so […]
  • Crumbling
    I’m crumbling like the crumbs of a wasted loaf of bread. I am the breadcrumbs that make the perfect biscuit base of your favourite lemon cheese tart that I relish while sipping on […]

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