Welcome to my blog! Here you’ll find everything I’ve written that I was brave enough to publish on this website.
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Latest Posts

  • Love & Perhaps
    Love is the beautiful poison paper butterflies flutter in. The art of loosing has always been easier for half hearted lovers to master.Must I flow into the cast of your choice and wonder […]
  • Problem With Forever
    The problem with forever is that it never lasts but the girl made of stars whispers to the girls on the moon that this lie has every ounce of truth. These shadows between […]
  • Art & People
    This invisible parent that raised us all shaped our lives and moulded our minds. This uncensored perspective gives meaning to this trivial life and is the reason why I live this frivolous life. […]
  • My Nation’s Grief Is My Rage
    My country is grieving and mourning the death of her truth. I watch her weep as she bathes in the blood of her righteous children while monstrosities play chess on her streets. My […]
  • 3 Indian Bands That Have Been Ruling My Playlist
    Music is the enriching and soulful form of expression that speaks to me in a way nothing else does. I do believe that magic exists and it does in the way that the […]
  • How To Be Human: A Guide
    Step 1: Pause. Rest your anxious mind’s need to write an ode to what was and start breathing present. I know it’s easier said than done but my love that is what life […]
  • In Dino – The Self-love Poem I Never Wrote
    इन दिनों दिल मेरा, मुझसे है कह रहा[ These days my heart is telling me ]तू ख्वाब सजा, तू जी ले ज़रा[ You decorate dreams, You live a little ]है तुझे भी इजाज़त, […]
  • Life’s Final Station
    There’s a heavy sense of burden lurking loosely over the last station of the city I hail from. This ache often finds its way over the shoulders of the lonely passengers waiting for […]
  • Diary of a Prostitute
    Somewhere in between the land of lost men and wounded soldiers, there’s a ludicrously beautiful horizon that meets with a mournful sky.Meanwhile I live behind closed doors on lands that are red with […]

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